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A family business looking to the future


A family


Since 1961, the Achurra family have been spearheading this project. More than 50 years after its creation the family continue to be closely linked to their clients and employees through the company’s president, Santiago Achurra Hernández, the son of one of the company’s founders. In order to ensure the continuation of this legacy, the new generation of the Achurra family is being initiated into the business.



Present of

Survalles Wine Group

Survalles today is consolidated as one of the main
exporters of Chilean wines.


in China


In E.E.U.U

Survalles Wine Group



Bottled Wine Exporter

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In Survalles we are aware that people are a fundamental pillar of the company's results, which is why we have a team of the highest quality in all our areas.

Founder and President

Santiago Achurra Larraín

Partner and Director

Ramón Achurra Larraín


Santiago Achurra Hernández

Commercial Director

Matias Keitel

Finance Director

Matias Geoffroy

Europe & Asia Region Manager

Francisco Teleña

USA & Canada Region Manager

Michael Cano

Latin America & Caribbean Region Manager

Nicolas Letelier

National Market Manager

Víctor Manríquez

Business Development and Planning Manager

Samuel Achurra Montes

Technical Director

Benoit Fitte

Chief Winemaker

Eloísa Uribe

Winemaker Assistant

Filippa Morgado

Agricultural Manager

Sebastian Cabaret